Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 2

Now that we've been introduced let's start getting to know me! I walked again today but then when I got home I ate 2 rows of chocolate chip cookies. I hate that I have no self control. I get so hungry and the thought of throwing them in my mouth is the only kind of indulgence I have. Ok, it's time to get serious. I weigh 191 pounds and I'm 5'5" tall. I had a baby at the end of Feb. and was 186 when I got pregnant. The day I delivered I had reached 200 pounds. I've been breast feeding but the weight is just hanging on literally. IF and this is a big IF I could just give up the sweets and start making sure of my portions, I'd probably start loosing weight. My gut is just hanging down like jowls of a dog. ENOUGH!

My sweet little girls. Today Elizabeth went to school, came home, did homework, practiced guitar, and then went to Terra's. Abigail went to Terra's so I could go to Elizabeth's open house by myself. Abigail squalled nearly the entire time because she is never separated from me. I need to tell you about when Abigail was born but we'll save that for another time. Anyway, Elizabeth was so worried about Abigail that she 2nd guessed everything Terra was doing. I would've been crazy and probably told Elizabeth to go out of the room but Terra handled it. I hope and pray Elizabeth we'll go back to worrying about kid things. She's really changed a lot over 2009 and worries a lot about nothing. The pediatrician changed his opinion on how to react to her and said from now on down-play her worries, that she internalizes her feelings, observances, opinions, and support her with calm, positive, reinforcement.

Something light. I got a new diaper bag today. I am extremely happy that I can wipe off the bottom of the bag. Also my friends the Posey's just had 3rd new baby boy Gage. Kudos to them. Well, I'm off to bed so I can get up and walk tomorrow. My husband is off with me and I'm thankful for that! Have a great tomorrow.


  1. You are too funny to not have a blog! The walking and then eating cookies (for me it is ice cream/cheesecake/homemade desserts) sounds like my exercise routine. Well, except for the walking part :/ Actually, last summer/fall I was doing great,I don't think I was losing weight, but I was walking almost every day, but I didn't pick back after winter. Cody's going to midnights in September, so I'm planning to start again. I'll be your cheerleader, but don't count on me to say no to stopping for an ice cream afterwards!

  2. This is exactly the kind of partner and commitment that I need. The desert suggestions were a delight and may be put to use as soon at today. My husband went with me this morning and we enjoyed our chicken biscuit after our brisk walk. Maybe you'll be up early one morning and might want to join me. I'm starting to make friends with the "regulars". I am inspired by the lady who jogs and has to wear a prosthetic leg. She leaves me in the dust. Thank you for being my first comment. You win the secret prize! I haven't thought of what it is yet and that's why it's a secret. Thanks again for your support.