Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturdays are hard.

I've got both girls today and Pete has to go to work before either of them get up. It makes for a very busy day. Since I'm in school and have to study during the week I don't won't to study at all on the weekend and just be available for Elizabeth. I also want to try and get all the chores done on this one day as well. I've made a chart for Elizabeth to help me and also have an opportunity to make some sweet moola but we'll see if she bites.

Yesterday Pete was off and we had a great day together. We did go to the Greenway where a friend met us to walk too. She has 2 kids, 1 and 3, and she had her hands full. She brought a stroller for the 3 year old and a back pack to carry the 1 year old plus food and drink. She had to be carrying at least 35 pounds on her back and I bet that stroller was at least that to push. For what she was carrying and the length she walked I'm sure she got a workout. We had to leave her at 9:00 and she was in for a very busy day.

We came home and finished getting some clothes ready for a big resell event this week, played with Abigail, picked up Elizabeth from school, and just hung out together. Last night I fixed fajita's, spanish rice, refried beans, guacamolie, chips and salsa and it was good. My Dad had been out of town with my stepmom who had surgery on her volcal chords. Her voice has been bad for a while so their hoping this will fix it. He enjoyed the grandkids and some of my guacomolie. I can hear Abigail starting so it's time to get started. Chow!

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